Moving spiral of black symbols. Painted in an engineered pattern that represent both conformity, and randomness. The movement of the vortex that develops life force, and it is within the vortex that structures and power-systems are established. Nasr continues that such systems may represent nature or human of power. Though we each live in the vortex of structure and systems, each of us also moves independently. Life is power. Life is individual power.



The Dust Between

The space takes its importance and identity from us as part of the universe in permanent movement and change in its shape, sound, smell, weight, temperature and rhythm. By space, I don’t mean its physical state but the words and expressions emanate from the self within its surroundings. Words and expressions, which can fly and fill the hollowness that’s scattered far and wide. Or simply plummet like a dead sperm unable to swim and reach anywhere. Or they could find themselves submerged and infused into the light and in the flowing equations that lie between us. Or they can just be kept imprisoned in their extremism. These expressions – fragrances that never surrender or yield – wander endlessly by the effect of the deeds in our margins and await neither a bee effect nor a storm.


South Passage

In the ‘South Passage’ the artist invokes the representational powers of art. Here, the artists’ expression represents a much overlooked point of contact between the corpus and the cosmic, the object and the environment, the being and the belonging.

‘South’ starts as a reference point referring to a section of the human body but eventually blends into the metaphorical space of associated meaning. This exhibition attempts to celebrate the unbound free spirit, unfettered and liberated. Through Nasr’s works, we are drawn into a world that celebrates life in all its varied nuances. It is about the merging of the human spirit and the ‘one’.

Damascus Overwhelming